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International Research Securities welcomes you to the HR Southwest Conference 2018

Thanks to everyone who helped make the HR Southwest Conference 2018 a great success. We were excited to bring our organization and its people to your attention. We hope to make your job in HR easier and more efficient in the not-to-distant future. At International Research Securities we have the tools and the talent to make your 401(k) investment strategy the best it can be.


We hope you had fun with the surprise celebrity in our booth. If you had a chance to ride El Diablo more power to you. Make the most of that photo around the watercooler. With current market conditions that was probably the steadiest ride you are likely to get. We did mention that bull riding is not for the risk averse. We at International Research Securities are here to help you navigate all of that bucking and sunfishing so that when your eight seconds are up you will still have that retirement fund waiting for you. 

And if you are wondering where the best retirement funds and plans live, talk to any of our Investment Professionals. We can help you weed out those nasty fees and show you the greener pastures that both retain employees and  satisfy the Department of Labor.  If you just want to skip all the bull metaphors we can talk money and wealth management all day long.


Thanks again,

The folks at International Research Securities

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